Dane M. Johnson
UX Researcher, Strategist, & Writer in Chicago


I want to be vegan, but cheese…


Dane M. Johnson

As a writer, researcher, and strategist, I've had the pleasure of working alongside leaders in education, urban design, experience design, eco-tourism, community building, documentary film, music, food & beverage, and product development. The common denominator in all of these pursuits are that my collaborators are my friends, and they’re bold enough to deconstruct the status quo and reconstruct solutions with imagination and grit.


Random facts:

  • In 2013 I spent a year designing my own grad-level education in writing and storytelling. Here’s the video to prove it.

  • I once spent 40 days in silence at a monastery in the high desert of New Mexico. Check it out.

  • If these mean anything to you, I’m an INFP; a Type Five; and my top five strengths are Learner, Input, Context, Strategic, and Intellection.

  • Though not a confident singer, I was talked into performing a small role in a Russian opera.

  • I am currently enrolled in Mandarin Chinese language lessons.

When I’m not collaborating on something cool, you’ll find me sipping a pour-over of a natural-process coffee and reading somewhere in my Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago. If you don’t spot me in the hood, please reach out if you have a project that you think I might be able to help out on. Just hit that button below.

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