Dane M. Johnson
UX Researcher, Strategist, & Writer in Chicago


I support students at North Dakota State University’s entrepreneurship hub, The Nice Center.


Dane M. Johnson

As a writer, strategist, and community builder, I've had the pleasure of working alongside leaders in education, urban design, experience design, eco-tourism, community building, documentary film, music, food & beverage, and product development. The common denominator in all of these pursuits are that my collaborators are my friends, and they’re bold enough to deconstruct the status quo and reconstruct solutions with imagination and grit.


Random facts:

As of October 2019, you’ll find me working alongside budding entrepreneurs and students at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota, through a new entrepreneurship initiative called The Nice Center. If you’d like to connect about community building, innovation, higher education, or reading recommendations, just click that button below.

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